We buy and sell jewlery of all kinds. Got any “junk” or old jewelry you have no use for anymore? We will offer to buy any jewelry from you at top dollar. Looking for a loan? Use your jewelry to secure a No Credit Check loan.

Here are some examples of what type of jewelry we work with:





We have an assortment of these types of jewlery on hand. If you are interested in buying, come visit our store and take a look at what he have on offer. Whether you want to sell, buy, or borrow we have you covered.

Two Wedding Rings
Old Jewelry, New Cash

More often than not, people have old jewelry that they no longer wear or need. Sometimes jewlery has gone out of fasion. Other times jewlery is gifted and no longer wanted. Even if you think your jewelry wont be needed or wanted by amyone else, there is still tangible value smelted in your jewlery.

What do we do with old jewelry?

It doesn’t matter how old jewelry is, it still has value! If your jewelry contains gold, silver, platinum, or diamonds, you can turn that into cash. After we purchase your jewelry, we extract the precious metals by melting it down.  

No Credit Check Loan