We buy and sell watches of all kinds. Got any  old watches you have no use for anymore? We will offer to buy any watches from you at top market value. Looking for a loan? Use your watches to secure a No Credit Check loan.

Here are some watch brands we work with:



Patek Philippe


One of the most well known and famous watch brands out there, Rolex is known for their precisely designed and expertly crafted timepieces. With a long history of production and many different versions on offer, the watch market has a large volume of different Rolex watches available.

Masters of traditional watch making, Omega watches are world famous for their craftmanship and time-keeping accuracy. Along with their beautiful designs, Omega watches are always sought after even on the used market. Although there is a large variety of them, they all have great craftsmanship.

With a long history of high quality precise watch pieces, Patek Philippe watches are still at the top of their game. A family owned business, these company has been making exsquisite watch pieces for 177 years.Although traditional , this company always looks for ways to innovate.

Listed as one of the top brands worldwide in Forbes’s top brands, Cartier pioneered wrist watches into a fashion statement. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but their distinct Cartier look is what set these watches apart. They remain timeless and fashionable time pieces.

If you are interested in buying, come visit our store and take a look at what he have on offer. Whether you want to sell, buy, or borrow we have you covered.

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Old Watch, New Cash

More often than not, people have old watches that they no longer wear or need. Sometimes people’s watches are worth more than they know. Even if you think your watch wont be needed or wanted by anyone else, there may be tangible value that your watch holds. In other words, you my be sitting on cash and not even know it!

What do we do with watches?

You may think your watch isn’t worth anything, but it may be very valuable! Depending on the brand and model, your watch may be collectable or unique. Bring it in to our store and we can determine what your watch is worth. We buy, sell, and offer loans on watches based on their market value. Your watch can be a ticket to cash in hand.   

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