Engelhard Gold Bar


The Engelhard Gold Bar is a highly sought after gold bar with a great reputation. Engelhard Gold Bars are available in various size options and contain high-quality fine gold.

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The highly investable Engelhard Gold Bar is gold bullion that comes in a variety of different weights and styles. Engelhard Corporation, the company that produces these gold bars, was an active private mint from 1902 to 2006. Made by a German immigrant, Charles W. Engelhard Sr, Engelhard grew to become the world’s largest refiner and fabricator of platinum, gold, and silver. In addition to this, they were also the operator of the world’s largest precious metal smelter. As a matter of fact, Engelhard is one of the oldest most reputable mints in the industry, only second to Johnson Matthey. The Engelhard Gold Bar and other bullion are world-famous for their high-quality and purity standards. However, no more bullion is made by Engelhard anymore due to the selling of the company in 2006. Because of this, Engelhard bullion, especially older vintage bars, is very popular.

Engelhard Gold Bar Design

One of the factors that make collectors love Engelhard bullion so much is that there is a large variety of bars in different formats and styles. Based on the pour of the bar, particular bars can have higher values than others. Engelhard Gold Bars are available in various size options and contain high-quality fine gold. The most popular sizes are 1 ounce, 5-ounce, and 10-ounce weights. Compared to other bars, Engelhard Gold Bars have a unique design. The obverse side of the Engelhard Gold Bar may feature either the Engelhard logo, the “Eagle” logo, or the “E” letter in front of a globe. In addition, the weight, purity, company name, and serial number are on this side of the bar. As for the reverse side, the bar features the repeating diagonal pattern of the Engelhard logo.

If you are seeking precious metals to safely invest in, the Engelhard Gold Bar is the perfect candidate to do so. In fact, the Engelhard Gold Bar is among the top five best gold bars to purchase for investing.


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