Johnson Matthey Gold Bar


The Johnson Matthey Gold bar is one of the most recognizable gold bar in the world. It is 99.99% gold and its beautifully simple design compliments any personal gold collection.

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The Johnson Matthey Gold bar is one of the most recognizable gold bullion in the world. It is the oldest most reputable mint in the industry, just before Engelhard. These bars are made by Johnson Matthey, a British conglomerate that was founded in 1817. Although Johnson Matthey also makes automotive, medicine, and other products, their bullion is highly valuable. Among the numerous bullion they offer, their gold bars are instantly recognizable and impressive. What sets Johnson Matthey Gold bars apart from others is their variety in both size and look. Most of the gold bars look simple, however, there are some very unique and attractive designs. Contrary to other companies, Johnson Matthey uses simple designs that are not as expensive or intricate.

Johnson Matthey Gold Bar Design

As for design, the most iconic and recognizable part of the Johnson Matthey Gold Bar is the two crossing hammers. The rectangular bar has the initials “JM” and the hammers next to the Johnson Matthey logo on the obverse side of the bar. Underneath the logo, the full name reads “JOHNSON MATTHEY ASSAYERS & REFINERS”. The quality of the bullion is the fineness that reads “FINE GOLD 9999”. After the weight, there can be a unique serial number, but not every bar has this. The Johnson Matthey Gold Bar is currently being made in Canada and the bar itself is available in 15 different sizes. Despite this, the two most common sizes are the 1 oz. and 10 oz. varieties. All approved John Matthey Gold Bars have a fineness of 0.9999 (99.99% gold).

Gold bars are different from bullion coins because they are not legal tender. However, gold bars have advantages over gold coins as an option for investing in physical gold. The cost to mint Johnson Matthey Gold Bars is lower than minting gold coins. Therefore, their market price tends to be very close to the trading value of gold. Owning a Johnson Matthey Gold Bar is a very cost-effective way to own gold. Because of their low cost to produce, Johnson Matthey Gold Bars have some of the lowest premiums over trading value in the bullion world.


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