Indian Head Gold Coin


This symbolic gold coin is the Indian Head Gold Coin. It is a US Minted quarter eagle that is highly collectible and deserves a place in your collection.

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The Indian Head Gold Coin is a quarter eagle that the US mint produced from 1908-1915 and again from 1925-1929. This treasure of a coin is among a series of coins that were produced with the goal of beautifying US gold coins. That goal was achieved as this coin is very popular for its beautiful design and rich history. Following the completion of the eagle and double eagle, the US mint concentrated on releasing half and a quarter eagle designs. Originally the goal was to duplicate the double eagle design. However, fitting the design on smaller coins was too difficult a task. Because of this, mint engraver Bela Lyon Pratt created the designs for the quarter and half eagle.


The obverse of the Indian Head Gold Coin depicts a native American Indian wearing a headdress. On the edge of the “heads up” side of the coin, there are thirteen stars. Similarly, the initials of the designer “BLP” are on this side along with the year of mint. As for the reverse side of the coin, an eagle stands proud atop a bundle of arrows and a branch of olive. Although the fundamental design of the coin is the same through the years, there are minor distinctions. This is because the manufacturing of this coin arose out of two different locations, Denver and Philadelphia. The Philadelphia version does not have mintmarks whereas the Denver version has mint marks located under the olive branch on the left-hand side of the coin.

Indian Head Gold Coin Composition

The Indian Head Gold Coin comprises 90% gold and 10% copper. The coin has a total of 0.1209 troy ounces of gold. Each coin weighs 4.18 grams (0.1474 ounces) and has a diameter of 18mm (0.7086 inches). Both a mint state and a proof version exist. The proof versions are very expensive and can have a value of over $5,000 when it is proof 60 or better. In complete sets, the Indian Head Gold Coins can have a value of over $10,000 when in mint state condition. Furthermore, complete sets of proof condition coins can have a value up to $100,000.

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