Saint Gaudens Gold Coin


This legendary masterpiece is the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin. One of the most highly prized gold coins in the world, having the opportunity to purchase one would be a privilege.

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This masterpiece is the Saint Gaudens Gold Coin. Collectors consider this coin one of the most beautiful coins in the world. Consequently, it ranks as the most popular coin in the world. The coin’s rich provenance, innovative design, and historical significance make the Saint Gaudens Gold Coin a top pick in many top-valued collections. The design is the last work of a famous dying artist, Augustus Saint Gaudens. The $20 gold coin was the result of President Theodore Roosevelt’s desire to beautify U.S. coinage. The coin’s high relief makes this coin difficult to strike. Striking the coin in a single blow was possible due to US Mint chief engraver Charles Barber’s design modifications. The United States Mint produced this coin from 1907 to 1933 and has a face value of $20 although the intrinsic value is much more. It comprises 90% gold, 10% copper and is 0.96750 troy ounces.


This 1933 Saint Gaudens gold double eagle coin has a beautiful design. The obverse features Lady Liberty striding forward away from the rays of the rising sun. Her hair and robe flowing freely in the breeze with the nation’s capital in the background. Her right hand holds the torch of freedom. Likewise, she holds an olive branch in her left hand, signifying peace. 50 stars surround her representing the 50 United States. The inscription “LIBERTY” is at the top while the date of issue and mint mark is at the lower right. Further, the reverse design of the Saint Gaudens Gold Coin shows a majestic eagle in mid-flight with its powerful wings soaring above the sun. The words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” are in a semicircular close to the rim, with “TWENTY DOLLARS” inscribed below.  The motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” is beneath the eagle above the sun.

Background of the Saint Gaudens Gold Coin

Much of the popularity behind the Saint Gaudens Gold Coin is its historical background. President Theodore Roosevelt was the driving factor in the creation of this beautiful coin. However, controversy arose with the omission of the Motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” on the coin. Theodore Roosevelt was against including the motto on the coin. He viewed it as blasphemous, evoking the name of God on a coin that was sure to frequent “casinos and saloons”. Conversely, due to public outcry, and God-fearing members of Congress, the motto was mandated by congress mid-year for the 1908 issue. The motto was added just above the rising sun, where it remained until the end of the series in 1933. This exquisite gold coin is a must-have for any collection. This coin can be an heirloom to pass down for generations, a gift to a cherished family, or a precious treasure in your collection.

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