APMEX Silver Bars


One of the most trusted names in the precious metal industry, American Precious Metal Exchange, or APMEX, makes a beautiful and investable silver bar. APMEX Silver Bars are known for their “no-nonsense” design and fine craftsmanship. Although a private mint, APMEX is very popular for investing in precious metals including silver. These silver bars have a wide variety of sizes as well as special edition designs. If you are interesting in investing in silver, these silver bars are an excellent choice and hold they value well.


The standard APMEX Silver Bars have a simple, bold, and elegant design. On the obverse side of the bar includes the company’s name at the top of the bar reading “APMEX” with “American Precious Metal Exchange” just below that. Underneath the company name is the bar’s weight in troy ounces and silver purity. Further, the company logo is just below, at the bottom of the bar. The logo consists of the classic American design with thirteen stars above the eagle with the purity of the bar. Encircling the eagle is the company name and weight of the bar. Furthermore, on the reverse side of the bar is the company name APMEX is horizontal along with American Precious Metal Exchange below this.

APMEX Silver Bars Composition

The APMEX Silver Bar is know for its invest-ability due to its high silver purity. The bars are 0.999 pure fine silver and weighs in troy ounces. These bars come in a variety of sizes, but the most common are 1oz, 5oz, 10z and 100oz. With the glossy beautiful design and the high purity, these bars are easy to find and great for investing.

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