Engelhard Silver Bars


Once being the largest mint for precious metals and metal smelters, Engelhard products, like the Engelhard Gold Bars, are hailed by investors and collectors. One of their products that are highly sought after, are their Engelhard Silver Bars. These bars are especially popular in the precious metals market because Engelhard stopped producing them in the mid-1980’s. In addition to this, when one purchases an Engelhard Silver Bar, it needs to be known that they will come often scratched and not very shiny. Obviously, this is because these bars are over 30 years old. Regardless, they are still excellent bars to invest in.


Aside from the potential scratches and less shiny appearance, these bars have a beautiful design. The Engelhard Silver Bars have a simple, yet elegant design. On the front side of the bars is the bold Engelhard logo at the top middle. Below this, there is the weight and purity of each bar. Further, the company’s name is shown again encircled. At the bottom, the unique serial number is clearly visible. As for the reverse side of these bars, the encircled Engelhard logo is engraved in a diagonal repeating pattern.

Engelhard Silver Bars Composition

All Engelhard Silver Bars contain 99.9% pure fine silver. These bars come in varying sizes including: 5 gram, 10 gram, 1/2 oz, 2oz, 3oz, 100 gram, 4oz, 7oz, 500 gram, 20oz, 25 oz, 1 kilogram, and 50oz. Although, the most popular sizes are the 10 and 100 ounce format. With high demand for these bars along with their silver purity, these bars would make an absolute gem of an investment piece.

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