Johnson Matthey Silver Bars

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The Johnson Matthey Refinery is world famous and makes some of the most recognizable silver bars in the world. Globally, their silver bars are among the most dependable silver bars on the market. There is a number of advantages of buying Johnson Matthey Silver Bars. Not only do they have a beautiful design, they are a very efficient way of diversifying your investment portfolio. Like the Engelhard Silver Bars, Johnson Matthey no longer make these bars, they still are great bars to purchase on the secondary market. Because they are durable items, they can outlast the test of time and with this, appreciate over time.


These bars have a stunning and recognizable design. On the obverse side of the bar, the bold Johnson Matthey logo lies atop the company name. The logo is the company’s initials, JM, and is accompanied by a hammer and pickaxe on the right, all encompassed in a bold rectangle. Below their company name, is inscribed “Assayers & Refiners”. Further down this side of the bar is the bars purity, “Fine Silver 999”. Also, the bar’s weight and serial number are located at the bottom of the bar. The reverse side of the bar elegantly displays the John Matthey Logo in a repeating diagonal pattern. Truly a beautiful bar worthy of investing.

Johnson Matthey Silver Bars Composition

One of the reasons these bars are great for investing is their purity and construction. All John Matthey Silver Bars consist of 0.999 pure fine silver and weigh in troy ounces. Also, these bars come in varying sizes including 1, 10, 32.15, 50, 100, and 1,000 oz denominations. Although, the most common sizes you can find these bars in are the 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, and 100oz configurations. If you are interested in investing in silver, this bar would be an excellent choice to add to your portfolio.

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