Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars

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The Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars are just another example of the quality and value of the Mint’s products. World recognized for its precious metal production, the Royal Canadian Mint continues to mint exquisite bars. RCM Silver bars are great for investing because their silver is extremely pure but also at an affordable price. They are also known for their other excellent silver products like the Silver Maple Leaf silver coin.


At the top and center of front side of the Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars, is their unique and identifiable logo with a maple leaf in the middle. Encompassing the maple leaf is the Mint’s name in both English and French. Below that, is the weight of the bar along with the purity inscribed into the bar. There are two smaller maple leafs on either side of the weight and purity. Below this, there reads ‘Fine Silver” in English and in French. At the very bottom the unique serial number is displayed. On the back side of the bar, the RCM logo is shown diagonally in a repeating pattern.

Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars Composition

These bars are world known for their purity. The bars themselves contain 0.9999 pure silver which is the highest purity you can find on the market. These bars also have security features like a unique serial number and a reed on the edge of each bar. If have interest in investing in silver, look no further than this beautiful and world famous silver bar.

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