American Silver Eagle

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The  American Silver Eagle is an iconic silver coin originating from the 1980’s. It is a result of the United States seeking to sell off silver from the Defense National Stockpile. At the time that the domestic production of silver at the time exceeded the strategic need to stockpile silver. Although there was initial opposition, congress allowed the sale of 75% of the stockpiled silver. Minting silver coins from this stockpile was seen as the best way to offload the silver into the market.


The American Silver Eagle is one of the most beautiful silver coins in the world, according to many collectors. The design of the obverse side of the coin is based on “Walking Liberty” designed by Adolph A. Weinman. The reverse side shows an eagle with shield, holding an arrow in the left talon and an olive branch in the right. John Mercanti is responsible for this design and it represents strength and endurance. There is a 35th anniversary version released in 2021 of the American Eagle Coin Program. This new anniversary coin now has some of Weinman’s original details that were not possible before due to new minting techniques.

American Silver Eagle Composition

The weight and purity of the American Silver Eagle coins have a guarantee by the United States Government. Each coin consists of 99% pure silver and are one troy ounce. There are only one troy ounce silver coins and have the ability to be in an IRA. Each coin is legal tender. It has a US currency value of $1 dollar but the silver it consists of is worth more. The American Silver Eagle coin originates from three different US mints:the Philadelphia Mint, the San Francisco Mint, and the West Point Mint.

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