Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin

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The Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin are among the newest silver coins that are in demand today. The advent of the coin was inspired by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra located at Vienna’s Musikverein. These iconic coins are Austria’s official silver bullion coin and have been around since 2008. These coins are among the most popular coins on the market and the most popular in Europe. There are also gold and platinum variations.


The coin’s design was based on Thomas Pesendorfer’s Gold Philharmonic coin designed in 1989. While similar in design to the Silver American Eagle, these coins differ from other sovereign minted coins. The obverse side of the coin features the Vienna Philharmonic’s pipe organ along with an inscription that reads: “REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH” (“Republic of Austria”). This inscription along with the coin’s face value encircle the organ. The year of issuance and the weight of the coin are also on the obverse side of the coin. The reverse side of the coin features a cello, violins, flute, harp, french horn, and a bassoon. Surrounding the instruments is the inscription that reads: “WIENER PHILHARMONIKER” (“Vienna Philharmonic”) and “SILBER” (“Silver”).

Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin Composition

Unlike other silver coins, the Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin only come as 1oz coins. These coins contain one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver and have a face value of €1.50. It has a fixed size of 3.2mm thickness and 37mm diameter. The coins weighs exactly 31.103 grams and have smooth edges.

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