APMEX Silver Coins


Made by APMEX, short for American Precious Metals Exchange, the APMEX Silver Coins are excellent for purchasing for investment purposes. The APMEX Silver Coins are also known as “Silver Eagles”. Although the Silver Maple Leaf silver coins are known for their beauty, these coins are specifically known for their easy recognition as well as their invest-ability. Interestingly, these coins are actually not considered coins as they are not legal tender as they are made by a private mint. For this reason, they are technically “rounds” for legal purposes. Even though they are not legal tender, silver is still silver. Because of this, these “rounds” are well known and are accepted currency in the private market.


The APMEX Silver Coins also known as “Silver Eagles”, have a beautiful and recognizable design.┬áThe front of the coin depicts a bold American Eagle based on artwork done by Adolph A. Weinman and John Mercanti. The American Eagle is portrayed behind a shield while it grasps arrows in its left talon, and an olive branch in its right. Above the eagle, there are thirteen stars that represent the thirteen colonies. The reverse side of the coins features a simple yet elegant design. It features the APMEX logo and the purity of the silver coin.

APMEX Silver Coin Composition

The APMEX Silver coin composes of 99% fine silver. It has a diameter of 39mm and has a thickness of 3.2mm. Because of the coins purity, and it not being legal tender, they can be you best bet in terms of your bang for your buck when it comes to silver acquisition. Although APMEX rounds are not as striking as normal government issues silver coins, the value of the silver that the coins contain still make the coins highly sought after for investment purposes.

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